What Are Men's Braces? Stylish & Functional Accessory

What Are Men's Braces? Stylish & Functional Accessory

Meta Description: Braces for men, from their 18th-century origins to modern fashion statements, offer timeless elegance. Do you want to master this classic accessory?

When you think of men's braces, also known as suspenders, you're tapping into a rich history that dates back to 18th century France, with a resurgence thanks to Albert Thurston in 1822. Initially a practical necessity before pants had belt loops, braces have evolved into a stylish accessory that can elevate any outfit. 

Whether you're considering buttonhole or clip-on types made from silk, leather, or elastic, the variety is extensive. Are you curious about how to properly wear them and incorporate them into your wardrobe? There's much more to explore in making this timeless accessory work for you.

Key Takeaways

  •  Men's braces are accessories designed to hold up trousers, and they originated in 18th-century France.
  • They come in two main types: buttonhole braces for formal wear and clip-on braces for everyday use.
  • Common materials include silk, leather, and elastic, often featuring modern silver adjusters and clips.
  • Braces are available in Y-back and X-back styles, offering comfort and support.
  • Wearing braces involves choosing trousers without belt loops and matching the color and style to the outfit.

History of Men's Braces

Braces, originating in 18th-century France, were popularized by Albert Thurston in 1822. In their early days, these suspenders were primarily a functional necessity, helping gentlemen keep their trousers in place. Pants didn't have belt loops back then, so braces were the go-to solution. You'd often find them made from ribbon or other materials, fastened to trousers with button loops.

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As the 19th century progressed, braces became more than just useful. They started to symbolize a certain level of sophistication and class. In 1871, Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, even obtained a patent for garment straps, contributing to suspenders' evolving design and functionality. This period saw braces becoming a staple in men's wardrobes, often hidden under waistcoats and jackets.

However, the First World War began a decline in their popularity. Belts started gaining traction as a more common accessory, partly because they were simpler and more versatile with the changing fashion trends. Despite this shift, braces have never truly disappeared.

They've evolved from a necessity to a stylish fashion statement, cherished by those who appreciate their historical significance and unique charm.

Types of Braces

As you explore the world of men's braces, you'll discover various types designed to suit different needs and styles. 

  • Buttonhole braces are a classic choice for formal occasions. These braces attach to buttons sewn inside your trousers, offering a secure and sophisticated look. Perfect for weddings, black-tie events, or any high-end gathering, buttonhole braces add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.
  • Conversely, clip-on braces provide versatility and ease of use. They attach directly to the waistband with metal clips, making them ideal for everyday wear or less formal settings. Clip-on braces are a practical alternative if you're in a rush or your trousers don't have buttons.
  • Braces also come in different styles, such as Y-back and X-back. Y-back braces, which converge into a single strap at the lower back, are popular for their comfort and classic appearance. X-back braces, crossing at the back, offer additional support and are often favored by those who need extra stability.

Whether dressing up for formal occasions or seeking everyday comfort, understanding the types of braces helps you make the right choice for any outfit.

Materials and Design

When choosing men's braces, you'll find a variety of materials and designs that cater to both durability and style. Most braces are crafted from high-quality materials like silk, leather, or elastic. These options guarantee longevity and provide a sophisticated, polished look.

Designs range from classic solid colors to unique patterns, giving you many choices to suit your style. Many braces feature silver-finished adjusters, clips, and rings, which add a sleek, modern touch. Additionally, genuine leather trim and tabs are often included to add an extra layer of elegance.

There are several braces to consider, such as Clip-End, Side Clip, Button-End, and Convertible styles. Each type offers specific functionalities and aesthetic appeal. Braces with button-sewn ends provide a more secure and traditional attachment for formal occasions.

Here's a quick comparison of material features:



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Y-back style braces with a leather back patch are popular for a timeless and elegant look. This classic design offers superior support and adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

How to Wear Braces

Understanding how to wear braces properly can enhance both your comfort and style. First, choose trousers without belt loops for a polished look. Historically, those who valued both function and fashion wore suspenders, and you can achieve the same balance today.

When selecting braces, consider the occasion. Button-on braces are ideal for formal events, offering a sophisticated touch, while clip-on braces provide versatility for everyday wear.

Adjust your braces so that they sit comfortably on your shoulders without slipping. They should be snug enough to support your trousers but not so tight that they dig into your skin. Use the adjustable straps to find the perfect fit.

Coordination is key; match the color of your braces with your outfit to create a cohesive and stylish appearance. The right color can make all the difference, whether you're going for a bold statement or a subtle accent.

Lastly, consider the width and style of your braces based on your body type and personal preference. Thicker braces offer a classic look and better support, while thinner styles can be more modern and sleek. Following these guidelines, you'll wear your braces confidently and with flair.

Styling Tips

Mastering the art of styling braces can elevate your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. As a fashion accessory, braces can significantly impact when styled correctly. 

  • Start by pairing solid color braces, like dark blue or black, with a white shirt and a gray suit for a timeless, classic look. This combination guarantees a polished appearance without overwhelming your outfit.
  • One key styling tip is to avoid bold color combinations. Instead, opt for harmonious color choices that complement your attire. For instance, choose navy braces to maintain a cohesive look if you're wearing a navy suit. Properly fitted suspenders, whether clip-on or buttonhole style, enhance the overall look and functionality.

Suspenders are ideal for formal events, such as weddings and gala evenings. Braces offer a refined alternative to belts when wearing tailored suits and trousers without belt loops. Additionally, tuxedo etiquette emphasizes the importance of wearing trousers with braces over belts, contributing to a more traditional and elegant appearance.

When to Wear Braces

Sporting braces can greatly enhance your outfit, but knowing the right occasions to wear them is crucial to achieving a sophisticated look. Men's braces are ideal for formal events like weddings, ceremonies, and gala evenings. They pair wonderfully with tailored suits and trousers that lack belt loops, guaranteeing you look polished and put-together. In these settings, braces add a touch of classic elegance that a belt simply can't provide.

During colder months, suspenders are a practical choice as they help prevent the discomfort and sweat that often accompany wearing a belt. This makes them perfect for winter weddings or formal gatherings. Remember, you should never go for the combination of braces and a belt; they serve the same purpose, and using both can look cluttered and redundant.

Properly fitted braces enhance the overall look of your outfit and improve functionality, keeping your trousers at the perfect height. Whether you're attending a black-tie event or a formal daytime ceremony, wearing men's braces will ensure you never go unnoticed for the wrong reasons. They're a timeless accessory that, when worn appropriately, can elevate your style to new heights.


You've now got the scoop on men's braces—where they come from, the types available, and how to wear them.

Embrace this timeless accessory to add a refined touch to your outfits, whether for formal events or daily wear.

Feel free to experiment with different materials and designs to express your style.

With the right braces, you'll elevate your look and stand out confidently.

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