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Hip-Clip Series side clip "trucker Style" suspenders

Hip-Clip or side clip trucker style Holdup suspenders with patented no-slip clips

...Trucker Style side-clip suspenders in 1 1/2" and 2" widths with Patented no-slip clips 

Keep your pants in the right place with our rugged side clip suspenders trademarked as Hip-Clips. Modeled after shoulder holsters, they’re designed with straps that crisscross your back and attach at the sides. Slip them on like you would a backpack. Jumbo Patented No-Slip nickel-finished metal clips provide an industrial-strength hold. And unlike traditional suspenders with two clips in the front and back, there’s no hardware digging into your stomach... so they’re ideal for those with larger waistlines. And with 2" wide stretch polyester straps, they resist sagging. Adjustable for most any size man they offer comfy and easy movement whether you’re at work or play. Made in the USA and you pay using your Amazon or PayPal account using your preferred credit/Debit Card with Free Freight option at checkout.

Hip-Clip Holdup suspenders in 2 widths and 5 colors attach at the side of your pants

2" wide heavy duty USA made Cotton poly-blend elastic straps that are hand washable and made for years of daily wear and narrower 1-1/2" wide models now on sale here in our newest webshop. Top Grade Brown leather X-back style Crosspatch that's double-stitched and has our logo embossed in the leather. Simply place arms through shoulder straps and clamp down the 2 Holdup suspender's no-slip clips or strong Patented Gripper clasps on both sides of any weight pants and shorts.

  • No irritation from clips rubbing on your stomach, or small of your back, as these attach at the side away from all pressure points. That's why they're a favorite with long haul truckers, policemen, bikers, contractors etc.. Now with new color choices in both 2" and 1-1/2" WIDTHS
  • BONUS: Just flip open the two clips when going to the bathroom. No need to remove your suspenders or slide them off when wearing a jacket, shirt or under a wintertime sweater.