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Get the only suspenders endorsed by Larry King embossed with his endorsement signature in Genuine Leather Crosspatch. Now on SALE for 50% off List price

Larry King Signature Series dual clip Double-Ups are Collector's items...

The Suspender Kings .... Larry King TV talk show star and Sal Herman CEO of Holdup Suspender Company presents our patented Double-Up limited edition Larry King suspenders in red, burgundy, black or white jacquard weave pattern on USA made elastic straps. Larry loves the look of wearing "button down" suspender braces worn since they were first invented, and now gets that look with a superior trademarked design that clips the suspender to your waistband without the need to sew on suspender buttons. Sal Herman worked for years to perfect these stunning suspender braces so popular with actors, TV personalities, lawyers, politicians, doctors, businessmen and professors. By eliminating the custom tailoring requirement to sew suspender buttons on to every pair of pants or jeans Holdup Double-Up Suspenders save Larry King time and money. Now He, like you, can freely don your favorite color Double-Ups™ with your entire wardrobe at a moment's notice. No more sewing on suspender buttons for Larry King as the Holdup clips snap shut and holdup his jeans and slacks without popping off when sitting down or even pulling on them.

  Larry King wearing the Holdup Brand Blue Denim Double-Up style men's clip-on suspenders

To celebrate larry officially endorsing our Line of Suspenders we offer these Signature Series Larry King Double-Up models in 4 color choices in unique jacquard weave patterns. He loves the great "button-on suspender" look easily attached to his favorite jeans as these are a vast improvement on traditional button-on suspenders. All Double-Ups have his endorsement. Buy using your Amazon or PayPal account or any Debit/Credit card and get free freight offer at secure checkout with 50% discount.


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