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All about the history of the Holdup Suspender Company the manufacturers of the USA patented "No Slip Suspender Clip" and           the strong Clamping Gripper Clasp. 

 USA made Patented Suspender No-slip clips and Strong Clamping Gripper Clasps set our brand apart from all other suspender manufacturers

HoldupSuspenders.com Holdup Suspender Co. offers the largest assortment of quality clip-on suspenders for everyday wear. We also offer a wide selection of Work Suspenders to dressy Double-Ups style Suspenders for office wear, special occasions and formal events. HoldUp® suspenders feature our USA patented “no-slip”® clip that is guaranteed to never, ever slip off your pants.  Our suspenders are made from high-quality elastic fabrics in a wide array of solid colors, tasteful patterns and variety of fabric finishes and strap widths.

 Fashion conscious men love wearing the 240+ styles of Holdup Suspenders at work and play! These make great gifts for any and all occasions for men, women and now suspenders for toddlers and young kids. 

For years, suspender wearers have had to contend with clip-on suspenders that kept slipping off their pants. Many wearers attempted to bend the metal clips to improve the gripping power, but this “quick fix” seldom worked.  Driven by the frustration of inefficient clips that constantly let go, Sal Herman now known as (“The Suspender King”), applied a little American ingenuity to create a solution..... the patented “No-Slip"® Suspender Clip. The clip features a single, needle-sharp pin in the center of the clasp, which pierces and locks into the waistband, without cutting or damaging the fabric.

We recently were granted a patent on our cam activated “No-Slip"® composite plastic gripper clasp. They are ideal for use on delicate or non-woven fabrics, as well as airport friendly, metal-free no-buzz suspenders. Other Holdup brand products use our patented clips and gripper clasps are shown in this web shop under specialty products... click here 

Our USA patented Sheet Stay-Downs™ are the answer to keeping bedsheets taut and in place without damaging delicate fabrics.

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All Holdup Brand products feature our exclusive USA Patented no-slip metal clips and patented composite plastic Gripper Clasps in a variety of widths -colors & designer patterns.  

All our products are Trademarked, and Patented. 

 Our company  provides just what the name implies... Suspenders that really do HOLD UP. Our patented no-slip clip®, and the new plastic gripper clasps™, are the first improvement in suspenders in over a century. Put on a pair of our patented suspenders and you’ll feel the difference immediately.

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Specialty suspenders from Hold Up Suspender Company meet a variety of specific needs, from active sports to hidden undergarment super soft suspenders and now Holdups for Kids and teens. All feature our USA patented "no slip" metal clips or the USA patented composite plastic Gripper clasps.

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Email the staff at Holdup Suspender Company your questions regarding our Patented USA made products HoldupStaff@gmail.com

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Very sturdy and well made. The clasps are heavy duty and work well. I wear these when I work outside or when i am going out for the day and don't want to wear a belt and want suspenders that are concealed and these work out perfectly. I forget that I have them on most of the time. I like not having to be concerned about my pants slipping down any more and having to not wear a belt is a blessing. I don't like the restriction around my waist that a belt causes and these suspenders give me that desired freedom. Very good purchase.

Andrew Ward



There's nothing to dislike about suspenders. I'm using it to hold up my motorcycle riding pants which are very heavy, and tend to slide down my hips when using only a belt. The suspenders do a beautiful job of solving this problem.

Ashley L



My husband has a rather large belly and he has trouble keeping his pants up. These have been a game changer for him and he swears by them. He wears the ones with a single fastener in front and and back and loves them. He wears them every day with every kind of pants. I Bought hiker Supenders for my husband and i love their quality.

Jary John



Over all, very good. Just enough elastic to be comfortable, nice wide straps, easily adjustable.
The clips could be better. But I am happy to purchase my suspenders.

Savannah Amos-sikora



Design was nice, prompt shipping. Suspenders actually work! Pretty good for a gag gift.