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Holdup Suspender Company Inc

HoldUp Dress Shirt Stay Downs Y-style Shirt Tail garter straps with Patented Plastic Gripper Clasps

HoldUp Dress Shirt Stay Downs Y-style Shirt Tail garter straps with Patented Plastic Gripper Clasps

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Holdup Suspender Company makes these patented Shirt Stay-Downs that gives you that best dressed fitted shirt look as they keep your shirt tails tightly in your pants. Inspired by those tricks to get that "spit and polish" look during military dress code inspections comes the Holdup trademarked Stay Downs. Get the proven simple solution to eliminate bulging rumpled looking dress or uniform shirts billowing out at your waist. These comfortable Y-style Shirt Stay-Downs simply attach at one end to your socks in seconds with patented Gripper clasps. The other end attaches to your shirt tail, and the smooth Velcro length adjustment system is used to lock in place the adjusted length so your shirt looks tight when sitting or standing in total comfort. The patented gripper clasps are cam activated which means the harder you pull on them the tighter they grip. The simple way to keep shirt tucked in place, while keeping your socks up. The results are impressive and last all day long. Made in the U.S.A and come with a 100% 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Read all the other brand reviews and then these Dress shirt tail stays, or men's shirt tail garters, have none of the problems and work all day long without popping off when sitting or standing.

Patented Shirt Stays-Down are shirt tail suspenders that hold any shirt firmly in place without billowing at the waistline

 Holdup Suspender Company was granted a Shirt Stay US Utility design Patent # 8832866 B2 in September 2014 and US Patent # 9339071 B2 in May 2016

  • Patented black composite plastic No-slip® Gripper Clasps won't pop-off shirt tail
  • The Gripper Clasps are cam activated and grip tighter the harder you pull on them
  • Smooth Velcro length / tension adjuster holds shirt tails taunt all day long
  • These Y-style shirt stays hold better the harder you pull on them and clips now are double stitched
  • These patented Shirt Stays are easier to attach and superior to all other styles sold at Amazon
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