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Holdup Suspender Company Inc

Holdup Suspender Contractor Series Bakers White 2" Wide X-back Suspenders with silver jumbo no-slip clips

Holdup Suspender Contractor Series Bakers White 2" Wide X-back Suspenders with silver jumbo no-slip clips

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Bakers White 2" wide Contractor Series Holdup brand X-back suspenders are specifically designed for securely holding up a working man's pants. With everything imaginable hanging from your trousers it's hard to keep them up with just an ordinary belt and these all-white Holdup wide work suspenders are popular with cooks and restaurant workers and Bakers. Contractor series Holdup suspenders are specially designed with wider Cotton Poly-blend hand washable elastic straps and our USA patented jumbo metal No-slip Clips with locking center pin design to assure you're pants are Always Up.

These make perfect gifts for that hard-working man who knows the limitations of conventional suspenders. This style has four silver/chrome Patented no-slip jumbo clips with needle sharp center pin for extra holding power. All USA made Cotton Poly-blend strap materials are carefully chosen for elastic durability, good looks and are guaranteed to never slip, slide, or fly off. Buy one of these Baker White color Holdup work suspenders using your Credit/Debit Card or choose Amazon or PayPal account checkout and get a free freight offer at checkout on all orders placed here.

Bakers White Contractor Series wide Holdup work suspenders in X-back style with patented jumbo no-slip clips. Made better in the USA by patented design.

These are 2" wide and 48" long (adjustable to fit men over 6 feet tall). These 2x4 Contractor series Holdup work suspenders have four US Patented Jumbo No-Slip metal silver tone Clips. Great for wearing with work pants and our Hold-up logo is branded (etched) into the Top Quality leather double sewn genuine white top grade leather crosspatch. Great for those men seeking the best in a rugged working man's all-white suspender.  Our Holdup part number #0949XS 

  • 2" wide and 48" long elastic poly-blend straps adjustable to fit larger men to 6 feet tall with silver-tone metal strap length adjuster.
  • Silver Chrome finished Jumbo patented center pin No-slip clips come with these so they truly holdup your pants stronger than any other suspender clips sold by the competition
  • White leather double stitched logo embossed X-back styled crosspatch
  • Baker White wide work Hold-up® suspenders are made better by Patented design in America

These white wide work suspenders have a unique patented Holdup no-slip center pin type clips. Bakers White Contractor work suspenders come with X-back logo embossed leather crosspatch so don't get fooled by the cheap competition made knockoffs without logo or patented clips.

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