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Holdup Suspender Company Inc

Holdup USA made Stirrup Style Shirt Tail Straps with Patented Gripper Clasps called Shirt Stay Downs

Holdup USA made Stirrup Style Shirt Tail Straps with Patented Gripper Clasps called Shirt Stay Downs

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Holdup Patented Stirrup loop style Shirt Stay-Downs gives you that best dressed fitted shirt look by eliminating billowing shirts at your waistline. This style shirt tail garter strap features the step in Stirrup model giving you that "spit and polish" military dress code look of a wrinkle-free tucked in pressed shirt and feature of fabric safe Gripper Clasps. Slip foot into adjustable foot loop on this simple solution to eliminate rumpled looking shirts from billowing out at your waist and then simply attach the gripper clasps to your shirt tails in seconds. These patented black "Gripper Clasps" hold any shirt fabric tighter the harder you pull on them. We offer stronger gauge threading for attaching the clasps at the Y shaped ends so they even attach to your silk, satin or broadcloth shirttails so you look great at work or at formal events.

Stirrup fooot stap model of the Patented Holdup Shirt Stays downs with unique black Gripper clasps

The unique smooth line Velcro length adjustment system is used to lock in place the foot loop section to a proper length to give you a comfortable tension between the foot and the securely fastened shirt tails. The simple most comfortable way to keep any shirt tucked firmly in place. Holdup Stay-Down shirt stays come in 4 styles using either the patented composite plastic Gripper clasps, or the patented black metal Holdup No-slip clips. The results are impressive and comfortably last all day long when sitting or standing. Made in the U.S.A and come with a 100% 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Read all the other shirt stay brand reviews and then choose these Dress shirt tail stays with gripper clasps and foot stirrup styling. These have none of the holding problems of cheap alternatives with cheap clips. These Holdup shirt stays work all day long to keep your dress and uniform shirt firmly in place without popping off when sitting or standing.

  • Patented Gripper Clasps hold tighter the harder you pull on them
  • Smooth Velcro length adjustment sustem makes it easy to adjust tension
  • Eliminates uniform and dress shirts from bunching up and billowing at your waistline
  • These foot loop type shirt stays attach to shirt tails with gripper clasps that won't fray any shirt material
  • Stirrup foot loop type shirt stays we call Stay-Downs gives you that Spit & Polish Military dress uniform look
  • Just slip foot into loop and use the smooth line Velcro length adjuster to give you the desired shirt tail tension
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