Mastering Bow Tie & Suspenders: Top Styling Tips

Mastering Bow Tie & Suspenders: Top Styling Tips

Delving into men's accessories, the bow tie and suspenders are the epitomes of timeless fashion. These items have elegantly graced the collars and waists of many, from debonair gentlemen of yore to stylish influencers on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest today.

The Basics Of Bow Tie Selection


Venturing into the world of bow ties, one quickly discerns the distinction between pre-tied and self-tie varieties. 

  • The pre-tied bow tie offers convenience, perfect for those in a rush or unfamiliar with the art of tying. 
  • The self-tie, on the other hand, appeals to the purist, exuding a sophisticated touch that showcases one's adeptness in style.

 Beyond the tie type, the fabric and pattern play pivotal roles. From dapper silk to smart cotton and subtle patterns to eye-catching designs, the right choice can elevate an outfit from mundane to magnificent.

Suspenders: More Than Just Utility

Long before their current stylish status, suspenders were purely utilitarian, ensuring trousers stayed in place. Over decades, these straps transformed from a mere functional item to a bold fashion statement. Whether leather suspenders or fabric, wide or narrow, suspenders now command attention, with their colors and styles accentuating a gentleman's outfit, offering both comfort and a dash of panache.

Pairing Bow Ties And Suspenders: The Do's

Pairing Bow Ties And Suspenders: The Do's

Harmony in fashion is often about colors and patterns dancing in concert.

  • A paisley bow tie paired with solid color suspenders  be the touch of contrast that makes one stand out.
  • The shirt acts as a canvas, tying the accessories together, so its color and pattern should be chosen carefully to complement, not combat, your accessories.

Pairing Bow Ties And Suspenders: The Don'ts

While fashion encourages individuality, certain faux pas are best avoided. 

  • For instance, overly matching every item can appear contrived, depriving the outfit of its organic charm. 
  • Another misstep? Clashing patterns that jostle for attention. 

Such blunders can divert attention from a smartly dressed man to merely his outfit's discord.

Accessorizing The Look

Beyond the bow tie and suspenders lies a trove of accessories to explore. A pocket square can mirror or contrast with the bow tie, offering a nuanced touch. When chosen correctly, watches don't just tell time; they narrate a tale of one's taste. And cufflinks? They're the unsung heroes, holding a shirt's elegance in place.

The Perfect Fit: Ensuring Comfort And Style

A bow tie should never choke nor hang loose; finding the right knot size is imperative for comfort and aesthetics. Similarly, suspenders should rest comfortably on the shoulders, neither digging in nor sliding off. Adjusting to the right fit enhances posture and adds a touch of confidence to one's stride.

Occasion Matters: Styling Tips For Events

Every event, from black-tie galas to casual weddings by the beach, dictates its dress code. A velvet bow tie paired with satin suspenders might dazzle at a formal event, while cotton accessories might be more apt for a casual gathering. Understanding the vibe of the occasion ensures you neither underdress nor overshadow.

Taking Care Of Your Bow Tie And Suspenders

Proper care extends the life of these cherished accessories. Gentle cleaning, mindful of the fabric's needs, and careful storage can ensure they remain pristine. Folding bow ties and hanging suspenders can ward off unwanted creases, ensuring they're always ready to complete an outfit.

Integrating Clothing Elements With Accessories

While the bow tie and suspenders are the stars of our sartorial story, they don't shine alone. The broader canvas of clothing serves as their backdrop, amplifying their impact. A well-tailored suit, crisply ironed pants, or a meticulously chosen belt can be the difference between a good and great outfit.

The Art Of Pairing For Elegance

Pairing is an art, not confined to colors or patterns but also to the very essence of the pieces. An elegant bow tie, perhaps in silk with intricate designs, demands accompaniments that resonate with its vibe. Consider pants with a gentle taper, polished shoes, and a sleek belt to complete the ensemble. Such coordination speaks volumes about the wearer's attention to detail. Master the art of styling suspenders with a bow tie.

Unique Choices For The Bold At Heart

Fashion, at its core, is a form of expression. For those looking to make a unique statement, the standard rules might not always apply—a vibrant, quirky bow tie paired with suspenders boasting a contrasting print. Paired with a monochrome suit, this combination could be an avant-garde choice for those brave enough to tread unbeaten paths.

The Wedding Wardrobe: Making Special Days Memorable

Weddings are a celebration, not just of love but also of style. Whether you're the groom, a groomsman, or a guest, the outfit you choose speaks of the importance you assign to the day. Suspenders can replace the traditional belt for a touch of vintage charm. For those looking to up the ante, pairing them with a bow tie that matches or contrasts the wedding theme can be a winning move.

Ways To Reinvent The Classic Look

While the classics remain evergreen, there's no harm in experimenting. Here are some ways to reinvent your look:

  • Contrast Game: Instead of matching everything, play with contrasts. Think navy pants, a light-colored shirt, and a bright bow tie.
  • Layering: Especially for cooler climates or winter weddings, layering can add depth to your outfit. A vest or waistcoat can be the perfect companion to your suspenders.
  • Patterns and Prints: Who said suits need to be plain? Play with patterns, from stripes to checks. Just ensure the bow tie and suspenders aren't lost amidst the busyness.


In the vast fashion arena, where trends ebb and flow, the bow tie and suspenders remain steadfast in their appeal. Embracing these accessories isn't just about following a trend; it's about showcasing personality, understanding the nuances of style, and making a statement. After all, every accessory narrates a tale; it's up to the wearer to decide its story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Different Types Of Knots For bow ties? 

Primarily, the bow tie has a standard knot, but there are variations. Mastery of the classic bow knot is usually sufficient for most occasions. 

Is It Acceptable To Wear Colorful Or Novelty Bow Ties To Formal Events?

While traditional events often call for understated colors, more relaxed formal events or personal style preferences allow for colorful or novelty options. 

Can I Wear A Bow Tie And Suspenders Together, Or Should I Choose One Accessory?

Yes, you can wear bow ties and suspenders together for a classic and polished look. Just make sure they complement each other in terms of color and style.
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