Collection: Biker Series Heavy Duty Holdup Suspenders

Holdup Biker Series HD men's suspenders wiht Patented Clips

Holdup Biker Series Suspenders in the Flame and Skull/Crossbones or USA Flag patterns featuring USA Patented Gripper Clasps or Jumbo No-slip Clips!

Over the years motorcycle riders have loved wearing the heavy duty Holdup Suspenders. Now we introduce a 2" wide heavy duty Biker suspender in Black, with a Flame pattern, White Skull & Crossbones on Black Biker suspender with Black Jumbo No-Slip USA patented clips or Composite Plastic Gripper Clasps. Our Biker 2" wide Suspenders show below ( Solid Black and USA Flag pattern suspenders just added to collection) have our jumbo USA patented no-slip clips or super strong Gripper Clasps that really Holdup year after year. 

Biker Series Heavy Duty Holdup suspenders in US Flag, Flames and Skull Patterns

See Biker Series Selections of Holdup Suspenders below with USA Patented Clips.