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No-Buzz Series Airport Friendly no-alarm Holdup Suspenders in 4 colors

Finally, a USA made airport friendly Holdup brand suspender in multiple styles guaranteed not to trigger airport or secure building metal detectors.


Happy Holidays from all the Staff at Holdup Suspender Company the USA manufacturer of top quality patented suspenders for men and women.


No-Alarm Airport Friendly USA made Holdup suspenders in various styles won't trigger building metal detectors

Holdup Suspender Company introduces clip-on suspender that won't trigger airport or government office building metal detectors. These "NO BUZZ" all black, Navy Blue or light Tan suspenders have a special composite plastic super strong Gripper Clasp that won't trigger metal detectors at Airports or when entering secure buildings . This USA patented cam lever operated Suspender Buckle  (Gripper Clasp ) actually grips the waistband material stronger.... the harder the pull on the suspender straps! It also has a simple improved designed with more angled flush mounted quick release lever for ease of attaching/detaching them to your pants. The new flush mounted cam lever design eliminates snagging the composite plastic clasp lever on seat cushions or other objects that flipped open the old style gripper clasp. These patented suspender buckles are used in the No-buzz suspender line, hidden smooth line Undergarment Under-Ups line which includes the new maternity suspenders with built-in velcro strip length adjusters, Side clip Hip-Clip style Holdups and traditional 4 clip style undergarment no-alarm suspenders worn under your shirt.  These are great time savers for travelers and suspender wearers who often have to pass through building security checkpoint metal detectors.

Holdup No-Buzz Series suspenders are made to no trigger Airport or building metal detectors. Many styles and colors available with patented Gripper Clasps.