Collection: Under-Ups Are soft Undergarment Holdup suspenders Worn Under Your Shirt

TOTALLY UNIQUE -Undergarment Suspenders:  Something entirely new in men's and women's suspenders we trademarked as Under-Ups. Invisible Undergarment Suspenders for the customer who prefers to wear their Holdup's under a shirt with shorts or lightweight pants and even maternity outfits. These super comfortable suspenders are made to be worn out of sight for those not needing to tuck in their shirts. You can also wear them hidden under your sweaters during the colder month with a turtleneck.

The super-soft poly-blend washable elastic fabric is 1-1/2" wide and adjusts to 48" long in the normal length and to 54" in the XL version. The new built-in Hook & Loop Flush length Adjustment system is (patent # 8,209,779 ) used in all our Under-Up suspenders to look smooth and feel comfortable when wearing these suspenders under your shirt. Now available in  New XL (eXtra Long) option which has a max adjustable length to 54" inches for the big and tall man.

Under-Ups Series are Undergarment soft suspenders for men and women made to Holdup pants or shorts when worn under any loose fitting shirts.

Similar to the elastic fabric used in a THICK ACE Bandage, these super flexible skin tone tan suspenders have our USA Patented no-slip clips holding up your pants or shorts. A smooth built-in Hook & Loop strip adheres to Microfiber backing as a simple length adjustment system allowing you to quickly tailor these under-your-shirt suspenders to your height. The X-back style crossover is just double nylon stitched, without the usual leather Holdup crosspatch. Results are less bulk and the unbelievably soft fabric can be comfortably worn next to your skin. Try them out with shorts, with surgical scrubs, or use your imagination as to where you'd prefer to wear a pant suspender that doesn't show on top of your shirt.  All under-garment Holdups now come with the smooth "flush Webbing" system for adjusting the suspender strap length. Hook and Loop built-in Micro gripping fabric eliminates bulky length adjustment buckles.

hidden undergarment Holdup suspenders worn under any loose fitting shirt like these hospital scrubsa

We now offer Black or Beige super soft "under your shirt" suspenders in multiple styles below here at our Amazon Web store. The original X-back style without any leather crosspatch and 4 nickel finished no-slip metal clips in standard 48" length or 54" XL big & Tall length. The Hip-Clip style Under-Up suspenders that attach at the waist with just 2 clips come in 1 1/2 or 2" widths. One style uses the USA Patented Holdup metal silver-finished no-slip clips and the other uses the composite plastic cam operated gripper clasp. These are also used in all our No-Buzz airport travel friendly line of suspenders with USA patented composite plastic "Gripper Clasps, which won't trigger metal detectors...

Choices in Under-Up styles and colors are shown below... We even offer several Maternity Under-Ups for pregnant women tired of hitching up their maternity pants or shorts.