Collection: Holdup Stay-Down Sheet Straps

Holdup Suspender Company has created the answer to keeping all sizes of fitted bedsheets taut and in place with our new USA patented  Sheet Stay-Downs™.

Hldup Brand patented Sheet corner straps hold you fitted sheets in place

Our USA patented sheet straps feature the USA patented "no-slip"® composite plastic gripper clasps™ as well as our unique patented built-in Hook & Loop tension adjusting system on a thick soft Ace Bandage type poly-blend elastic strap. They are the only sheet straps which feature the ability to adjust the tension after attaching the clips by simply moving the Velcro tension strip. One person can easily attach the sheet straps without lifting the mattress. No matter how you toss or turn, Sheet Stay-Downs™ will keep your fitted sheets in place. They are offered in either a short corner "quad" style or in a long criss-cross "dual" clasp style.

For instructions on attaching Sheet Stay-Downs™ watch this helpful video