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Formal Series 1" narrow USA made dense weave satin finished Holdup clip-on suspenders

Narrow 1" wide Formal Series Holdups now come in 9 solid colors with a special SATIN like finish.

Formal Series satin finished Holdup suspenders in our Single finger clip line

 Top grade black leather tapered clip holders tabs and choice of Y or X-Back crosspatch and Holdups patented "No Slip Suspender Clip" make these the perfect accessory where dressy attire is required.... or you want to make a fashion statement at the office. Forget ever being forced to wear those cheap Tuxedo Rental shop pair of suspenders again if you own these men's USA made top quality clip-on  formalwear suspenders!

These single Clip formal suspenders feature USA made fabrics with a narrower 1" wide elastic straps with top grade black leather clip tabs and logo crosspatch. Add a quality made Holdup Formal Series suspenders to your wardrobe, The distinguished look and color choices go with both business suits or formal tuxedos. Holdup Suspenders are made to last a life time of formal or business occasions ..where you have to make a lasting impression. -each pair of these traditional finger clip braces are sold here at Amazon in the Holdup Web Shop. Click to see close-up photos of the satin finished Formal Series single clip Holdups on right.

 These satin finished clip-on braces securely sell here at Amazon using regular Amazon Checkout and Amazon prime features and carry our 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Formal Series single clip Holdup USA made satin finished suspenders in 1 inch width

Holdup's -FORMAL Single Clip Suspenders in 1" narrower width all have these common features:

  • Unique satin sheen USA made polyester elastic strapping specifically chosen for durability and lasting stretch. All come with top grade BLACK leather tabs that vary in size, and taper, front to back for comfort and convenience.

  • This Holdup Series features our patented "No Slip Suspender Clip". No matter how much you spend, the net result will never equal the comfort and convenience of a pair of Holdup clip-on formal series suspenders!

  • The FORMAL SERIES suspenders have a black leather crosspatch embossed with our Holdup Logo in a choice of Y or X-back styles when ordering the colors choices below