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USA made Ski-Ups snow sports pant suspenders by Holdup Suspender Company

Ski-Ups™ are made to be worn with all types of snow pants or jeans for those who love there snow sports from Skiing to snowboarding. If your into skiing, and other winter snow sports, you'll really appreciate the practical Patented design of the Black Ski-Ups are made to gripp the waistband of jeans and Gortex ski pants and skiers and snowboarders love them... newest line of Holdup Snow sports Suspenders called Ski-Ups™.

Holdup Suspender Company make these ski and snow sports firm holding suspenders in the USA so you keep the snow out of your pants during falls

The top quality USA made elastic fabric is 1 1/2" wide and will give you years of wear in the harshest outdoor environment. The unique USA designed patented "Suspender Buckle" (Gripper Clasp) has a flush mounted locking cam operated clasp that comes with a limited warranty to never slip-slide or pop-off your ski or snow pants. This composite plastic clasp safely grips harder the more you pull on them, without ever damaging the pant fabric... including smooth Gore-Tex. Falling down while skiing only makes the these strong plastic clasps hold tighter during the wipe-out! No more snow or cold breeze getting down your pants when you wear a black or tan pair of adjustable length Ski-Ups on the slopes.

Holdup Brand snow sports skiing suspenders with patented Gripper clasps

We also offer shorter 42" length Ski-Ups for teens in 1 1/4 inch wide Red, Black or Blue with black super strong Patented Gripper Clasps, which also make the perfect basic pant suspender for teens with X-back crosspatch embossed with our Trademarked Holdup logo.