How to Wear a Skirt with Suspenders: Outfit Ideas for Women

How to Wear a Skirt with Suspenders: Outfit Ideas for Women

Are you on the hunt for a trendy, unconventional fashion statement that merges fun and sophistication effortlessly? Say hello to skirts with suspenders, the raging trend that's taking the fashion world by storm. This versatile ensemble offers a unique blend of quirkiness and elegance, turning heads wherever you go. 

In this blog post, we've curated diverse outfit ideas on how to wear a skirt with suspenders, unveiling a new avenue for you to reflect your personality through style. Let's plunge into this stylized world and elevate your wardrobe game today!

Styling Suspender Skirts: A Fashion Guide

As fashion trends evolve, the classic suspender skirt remains a timeless favorite of many women. This versatile piece of clothing can be formal, casual, or anything in between. However, styling it properly requires you to understand the most appropriate tops to wear and accessorize with. Fortunately, by following our guide below, you can perfect your look.

Classic Pairings: Tops to Wear

The best way to elevate suspender skirts is by pairing them with suitable top-wear options. Depending on the occasion and personal preference, you could go for various tops such as:

  • Turtleneck Shirts: For a semi-formal look that pairs well with chunky boots or heels.
  • Crop Tops or Bralettes: For a summery vibe that works best with strappy sandals.
  • Blouses: Buttoned-up blouses create a cool contrast against suspender skirts and add some sophistication to any ensemble.
  • Cropped Sweatshirts/Basic Tees: For a casual day out that's cozy and comfortable.

Remember: The aim is not just to match colors but also complement textures. Avoid wearing prints on both parts of the garment and opt for neutral tones to maintain an elegant appeal.

Stylish Accessories for a Complete Look

Donning a skirt with suspenders is an excellent way to infuse some vintage flair into your wardrobe, and accessorizing it right can pull off an unforgettable look. The key to achieving such coquettish attire is in the details from picking the perfect shoes, jewellery, and hairdo.

For instance, keeping your hair in soft waves or sleek ponytail gives the outfit a fresh feel while pairing it up with pointed-toe strap heels keeps the overall aesthetics clean and sophisticated.



Chunky belt

Accentuate waistline


Feminine touch


Chic and stylish


Keep legs warm

It's crucial to note that when looking for accessories to accompany your skirt, aim for subtle yet impactful embellishments that complement rather than overpower the outfit.

Navigating Vintage Aesthetics

One of the perks of this trend is the ability to accentuate vintage aesthetics effortlessly. Consider incorporating modern-day fashions into it when thinking of ways to navigate vintage trends gracefully. For instance, instead of opting for a classic monochromatic look, introduce pops of pastels or contrasting colors into your ensemble. You could also pair it up with a cropped top or baggy tee for an urban twist.

  1. It isn't just about clothing; one can also capture vintage-era glamour through make-up and hairdos. Think wing-tipped eyes and fresh, rosy cheeks; nothing screams sophistication like a red lip! Paired with finger waves or a classic bob cut, you're guaranteed to turn heads at any retro-themed event.
  2. If going all-out retro or vintage-inspired isn't quite your cup of tea- don't worry! You can still work suspenders into your outfit with a casual flair. A simple white tee, cargo jacket, and black or denim skirt paired with boots is the perfect low-key ensemble for running errands in town while still keeping it chic.
  3. The trick is to be creative and find pieces that resonate with your style while acknowledging what works and what doesn't. In other words, have fun playing around with different fabrics, silhouettes, and patterns.

The Charm of a Button-Up Blouse

There's nothing more classic than pairing a skirt with suspenders and a button-up blouse. This timeless look oozes elegance and sophistication, leaving you feeling confident yet comfortable. The combination of the flared skirt and fitted blouse creates an hourglass silhouette, which is flattering for all body types.

You can experiment with different colors for the blouse, but always stick to white for a clean and polished finish. Alternatively, you can opt for a patterned blouse to spruce things up.

Imagine pairing a sky-blue plaid skirt with cream-colored suspenders and a crisp white button-up blouse? This outfit exudes professionalism and flair without being too flashy.

Embracing a Modern, Edgy Look

However, if you're looking for something more unconventional, try embracing edgier styles. The classic style undoubtedly has its time and place, but modern fashion calls us to experiment even with vintage pieces like suspenders. There are several ways to achieve that stylish look.

  • One idea is to go the leather route. Pair black leather shorts or leggings with black suspenders for a rock chic appearance. Finish this off with black boots or pumps for an edgy demeanor.
  • Another way to add edge is by swapping out basic denim skirts with fuller ones that have slits or tassels, giving them more movement while flaunting your legs. You can wear them high waisted or drop-waist - whatever suits your style.

Sometimes blending trend and tradition may seem challenging at first. However, we encourage our readers to step out of their comfort zones and try new styles that complement their unique personalities.

The Impact of Black Suspenders

Suspenders are coming back in style and are a great accessory to spice up any outfit. Black suspenders, in particular, have the ability to transform an average outfit into a chic and sophisticated look. They can be paired with skirts or pants and work well for both formal and casual events. Black suspenders on a white button-down shirt signify a professional look while black suspenders worn over a crop top offer a trendy vibe.

  • For an evening out with friends, consider pairing black suspenders with ripped denim jeans and high heels. It shows personality and fearless fashion sense. You could also add some cute accessories like earrings or necklaces to complete the look.
  • Black suspenders are versatile and can be used as an alternative to belts or other belt substitutes. Not only do they have practical advantages, but they also add a cool factor to your overall appearance.

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Understanding Suspender Adjustments

While simple-looking at first glance, suspender adjustment can be confusing for new users. One common mistake people make is adjusting the actual suspender clips when what really needs adjusting are the Bodice Straps.

Firstly, it's important to identify which type of adjustment you require: Shortening or Lengthening:

  • Shortening: To reduce the length between your shoulders and waist.
  • Lengthening: To increase the distance between your shoulders and waist.

Once you've identified which type of adjustment you need, slowly adjust the Bodice Straps one at a time - not the clips! Most Bodice Straps have buttons that allow easier customization of strap length.

When beginning your suspender-wearing journey, it might take some time to find the perfect fit, so patience is key. Incorrect suspension adjustment could lead to discomfort or even wardrobe malfunction.

A common example is when people adjust clips to reduce slack. Still, it then leaves them hunched over like a granny because their straps were too tight.

Baptize yourself into the ways of suspenders by trying on different types and practicing adjustment methods. Think of it as breaking in new shoes - get comfortable with them first before putting them on display!

With an understanding of Bodice Straps, let's take things further to ensure you have the perfect fit every time.

Getting the Perfect Fit: Bodice Strap Tips

Suspenders or braces are a classic accessory that adds style and personality to any outfit. It's essential to get the right fit for your bodice straps to ensure comfort and confidence while wearing them. Here are some tips to consider when getting the perfect fit for your suspenders:

  • Invest in adjustable suspenders: These are a great option as they can be customized to your specific body type.
  • Choose the correct sizes: Make sure that you select suspenders that comfortably fit around your waist and shoulders.
  • Find the proper attachment method: Choosing a suspender with clasps or button attachments is important. Clasps are easier to use, while button attachments provide a more secure hold.

Remember, adjusting bodice straps is crucial for comfort and functionality. Take your time finding the perfect fit, and don't be afraid to make adjustments.

A Round-Up of Best Skirt and Suspender Combos

Pairing skirts with suspenders is an excellent way to add flair and individuality to an outfit. Here are some of the best skirt and suspender combinations to amp up your wardrobe:

  • Pleated Skirts: Pair your pleated skirt with classic black suspenders for a timeless look. Alternatively, try vibrant-colored suspenders for a pop of boldness.
  • Midi Skirts: A midi skirt with suspender straps creates a chic and modern look, especially when worn over cool ankle boots.
  • Pencil Skirts: Suspenders on pencil skirts make for a sophisticated look - choose thin, delicate designs that pair well with button-down shirts.
  • High-Waisted Skirts: High-waisted skirts with cross-back suspenders provide an edgy twist. Opt for neutral shades like black or navy blue for versatility.

For a more casual vibe, denim skirts paired with brightly colored suspenders work wonders! You can also experiment by wearing your suspender skirt with a graphic tee and sneakers for street style-worthy fashion!

For those that prefer a little structure to their wardrobe, consider these stylish pieces:

Skirt Style



Blue and white striped suspenders over a denim A-line

Flared Dress

Black cross-back suspender flared dress over high heel boots

Corduroy Skirt

Brown corduroy mini-skirt with black leather suspenders on top.

Lace Skirt

Classic black straps on a lacy white extravagant skirt

Denim Mini-Skirts

Bright red elastic waist straps on a distressed denim miniskirt


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So there you have it, some fantastic tips to get the perfect fit with your bodice straps, as well as some suggestions for the best outfit combinations of skirts and suspenders. Remember, fashion is all about experimentation and expressing yourself - don't be afraid to mix and match until you find the perfect look.

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