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Holdup Biker Series Suspenders and Boot Straps

Biker Boot straps and heavy duty suspnders from Holdup Suspender Company with free freight
Holdup Biker Series Suspenders now have Jumbo Gripper Clasp models in the Flame and Skull/Crossbones patterns which grip tighter the harder you pull on them!

Over the years motorcycle riders have loved wearing the heavy duty Holdup Suspenders. Now we introduce a 2" wide heavy duty Biker suspender in Black, with a Flame pattern, White Skull & Crossbones on Black Biker suspender, and the unique Hold-Down™ Biker Stirrups. Our Biker 2" wide Suspenders ( Solid Black and USA Flag pattern just added) and bootstraps have our jumbo patented no-slip clips that really Holdup year after year. Existing Biker bootstrap stirrups suffer from many practical use flaws addressed by the patented Hold-Down™ design.

First off Biker boot Stirrups are used to keep the motorcyclist's pant legs from riding up when using foot peg rests while cruising at highway speeds. These bootstraps are extremely useful and so simple to use you'll want several pair. Without a pair of Hold-Downs your pants just ride up in the high winds, often causing a safety danger when leaning over to constantly pull them back down. Bikers are well aware of this and the risks of a high-speed spill when performing this chore so a pair of Holdup Boot straps are the cure to this common problem...

Holdup Biker suspnders in flame and Skull crossbones patterns and Boot straps using jumbo no-slip clips

The unique design of our Hold-Down™ Biker Stirrups give the following benefits not found in other boot stirrup brands regardless of our low price. We guarantee for life these pant to boot stirrups will never pop-off your pants while riding or walking as we use these jumbo no-slip clips to hold them in place.

  • 2" wide main durable elastic stirrup strap with 1" wide heel strap and 2 exclusive jumbo no-slip clips. The heel strap firmly holds the stirrup in place between the heel and boot sole and prevents dragging while walking.
  • Tired of constantly having to pull your pants legs down while motorcycling at highway speeds? Tired of using Biker Stirrups or Bootstraps that drag on the ground while walking or clips that don't hold? Hold-Downs™ are the cure to both problems.
  • Our no-slip clip, in choice of Silver or Black finish, has a needle-sharp center locking pin that will not fray your pants. Works with all pant materials from jeans to leather pants & chaps