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Holdup Suspender Company Inc

Holdup Suspender Company Mossy Oak Breakup Camoflage Pattern Suspenders in X-Back style and Patented Gripper Clasps

Holdup Suspender Company Mossy Oak Breakup Camoflage Pattern Suspenders in X-Back style and Patented Gripper Clasps

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Holdups 2x4 line features our Breakup Camouflage trademarked Outdoorsman wide hunting camouflage suspenders. These rugged Mossy Oak Breakup camo pattern hunting suspenders are specifically designed for outdoor use in the harshest of environments where the 2" Poly-blend straps and heavy-duty composite plastic GRIPPER CLASP that gives you extra holdup power... and all day comfort. The patented plastic gripper clasps are cam activated which means the harder you pull on them the tighter they grip. These are 2" wide and 48" long (adjustable to fit men to 6 feet tall). Perfect gift for the hunter or fisherman that knows the limitations of conventional suspenders and wants the latest in camouflage patterns. All Hold-up suspender braces are Dense weave poly-blend materials that are carefully chosen for elastic retention, extra holding power and this Trademarked Mossy Oak Breakup pattern model comes with a jumbo Patented Gripper Clasp guaranteed to never slip, slide, or fly off your pants.  Great heavy duty Breakup pattern suspenders for 4 wheeling, skiers, backpackers, hunters and the motorcycle bikers love'em too! Also great for the 6 foot tall man who wants the comfort and security of suspenders and you get free freight when ordering from our Web shop. You can even checkout using your Amazon or PayPal account and get free freight.

Holdup Brand exclusive 2x4 line - OUTDOORSMAN SERIES Hunting Suspenders all feature: unique patented Hold-up JUMBO suspender clips or the new Gripper Clasps with hand sewn top grade BLACK leather crosspatch embossed with Holdup logo. Available in X-back only. These Mossy Oak  Breakup pattern Outdoorsman series feature the black jumbo composite plastic Gripper Clasp shown on this model. Get a 30 day money back guarantee on this Breakup Camouflage pattern Holdup Suspenders sold here at with free freight offer at secure Checkout.

  • Mossy Oak Breakup trademarked Pattern Holdup hunting suspenders with black leather logo embossed crosspatch and jumbo super strong Gripper Clasps
  • 2" wide and 48" long (Fits men to 6 feet tall) Breakup Pattern hunting suspenders with black leather crosspatch embossed with Holdup logo
  • Camouflage hunting suspenders in Breakup pattern with Gripper Clasps
  • Premium Breakup camouflage pattern suspenders with strong composite plastic Gripper Clasps
  • Heavy Duty Breakup Breakup camo pattern Holdup hunting suspenders
  • X-back Breakup Pattern Hold-up suspenders for Hunters and Bikers in popular Breakup Mossy Oak pattern with hand washable 2" wide poly-blend dense weave straps
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