Collection: Extra Long Holdup Suspenders For The Big And Tall Man

Extral Long Holdup suspenders for the big and tall man needing a quality USA made dressy or casual suspender

Looking for the best selection of Big & Tall men's extra long clip-on suspenders in solid colors and various widths? You'll find all the most popular style choices of Holdup Brand XL pant suspenders in various Styles and strap widths now adjustable to a length of 54 inches ( for men over 6 ft tall)  ... when shopping the selection in this Holdup Amazon webshop. Checkout using your Amazon or PayPal account or use any Credit card and get a free freight offer at checkout.

Extra Long Holdup brand suspenders in a variety of colors for the big and tall man

Holdup Suspender Company, and our repeat customers, know Black or Tan suspender styles outsell all other color choices. We now have added many styles of XL Holdups in additional colors when asked by our loyal repeat buying customers who need a larger size. The below XL (extra length) men's clip-on XL suspenders all feature our patented no-slip clip and limited warranty. These XL 54" Holdups have a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and sell for a few dollars more then standard 48" length models. All have USA made elastic fabric adjustable straps, in both single and dual no-slip Double-Ups. X-Back styling is the only option in the single clip styles but we now offer the dual clip Y-back Double-Ups solid color Styles in XL length and even the hidden Under-Ups XL suspenders work under any loose fitting untucked shirts. Made in the USA and you pay using your Amazon or PayPal account using your preferred credit/Debit Card with Free Freight option at checkout.