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Holdup Suspender Company Inc.

Holdup Brand XL Classic Series Basic Tan X-back Suspenders with Patented black Gripper Clasps

Holdup Brand XL Classic Series Basic Tan X-back Suspenders with Patented black Gripper Clasps

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Classic Series Holdup Suspenders in Extra Long Big & Tall man's basic light beige Tan color in a X-back style. The USA made Cotton poly-blend straps are 54 inches long so they can be adjusted to comfortable fit men well over 6 feet tall. This tan XL model has patented black Gripper clasps and now available for the first time in our new Web shop.  Here you can buy these using your PayPal or Amazon account and choose the FREE Shipping offer at checkout.

These tan XL Holdups have top grade genuine brown leather X-back style crosspatch embossed with our trademarked Holdup logo. These have Patented USA made black composite plastic super strong Gripper Clasps and chrome metal strap length adjuster so they fit men over 6 feet tall comfortably. The Patented Gripper Clasps are Guaranteed to never slip, slide, or fly off your pants because of the exclusive new slant faced cam action gripper clamp to prevent flipping open while sitting down on couches or car seats. Made in America with XL 54" USA milled elastic Cotton Poly-blend colorfast flat finished elastic fabric straps. These blue Classic series X-back suspenders are the best choice in low-cost extra long Holdup brand patented suspenders if your looking for quality made basic Tan  suspender made better by patented design. These classic Tan clip-on Holdup suspenders have 1 1/2" wide USA made straps adjustable to 54" in length to fit men to 6' 6 " tall and carry a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. You get the option to pay with your Amazon account ( Prime Eligible ) or use PayPal and get an option for free freight with either payment options.

These classic Tan XL clip-on Holdup Gripper Clasp X-back suspenders have 1 1/2" wide straps adjustable to 54" in length to fit men over 6" tall and carry a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. 

  • USA milled elastic cotton poly-blend flat finished 54" XL length straps are Made in USA and these fit the Big and Tall man perfectly
  • XL classic Tan Suspenders you can hand wash and drip dry as these have USA made poly-blend flat finished elastic basic Tan colorfast straps.
  • X-back style Basic Tan Classic Series XL Holdups with double stitched Brown leather crosspatch embossed with trademarked HoldUp logo
  • 1 1/2" wide USA made basic Tan color suspender straps in a 54" adjustable length so they fit the Big and tall man
  • 30 day money back -100% satisfaction guarantee on all HoldUp suspenders with PayPal account payments or use your Amazon account including Prime delivery options and guarantees
  • Chrome metal strap length adjuster. We offer 10 basic solid Classic Series colors, besides this basic Tan XL model, made to fit men over 6 feet tall. Buy several XL Classic series Holdups for daily wear in a Big and Tall size
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