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Holdup Suspender Company Inc

HoldUps Under-Up Series Tan Suspenders with USA Patented Jumbo Gripper Clasps

HoldUps Under-Up Series Tan Suspenders with USA Patented Jumbo Gripper Clasps

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HoldUp Brand is Now Featuring Our "N0-Show" undergarment Soft Fabric Light Beige Suspenders with Our Exclusive Cam-Activated Composite Plastic Beige Gripper Clasps To Comfortable Wear under Your Loose Fitting Shirts with your favorite pair of Pants or Shorts. These Under-Up Series Beige Suspenders are 2" wide so they'll HoldUp any individuals pants or shorts in total comfort. We now have these in stock ready for shipping from our Amazon shop. Hold Up Brands Under-Up Series Suspenders are 2" wide, 48" long and Feature Our Patented Smooth Line Velcro "No Bulge Line" Length Adjustment System. The Patented Plastic Gripper Clasps are Cam-activated which means The Harder you pull on them The Tighter they Grip. These Under-Up suspenders come With a Smooth Cotton Poly-Blend Ace Bandage Type Soft Elastic Fabric So they are Extremely Comfortable on Skin Contact For an Unnoticeable wear. These Undergarment Beige Suspenders are exceptionally soft. They come in the traditional X-back style Without the leather Crosspatch for a " No-Show" invisible Appearance when worn under your shirt. These Hidden Under your shirt Suspenders are also Airport Friendly Meaning they can be worn under loose fitting shirts and you absolutely will not have to worry about The Plastic Claps triggering any metal detectors. They're great for frequent Airport Travelers or those entering secure buildings with metal detector checkpoints.  These Undergarment Beige Suspenders are Hand washable and you drip dry them. Buy here in our Web shop using your PayPal or Amazon account and get Free standard shipping to your door during secure checkout.



The HoldUp Brand Under-Up Series Beige Suspenders with Jumbo Composite plastic Gripper Clasps that won't trigger metal detectors at Airports or when entering secure buildings with security checkpoints.

  • Super soft thick Ace bandage type 2" elastic straps that are hand washable
  • Super Comfortable hidden undergarment suspenders worn with shorts or pants under any loose fitting shirt with pants or shorts
  • Patented Smooth Line Hook and Loop Length Adjustment System on these beige no-alarm airport friendly X-back suspenders won't show bulges under your shirt
  • Traditional Style X-Back without the Leather Crosspatch for a "No-Show " Appearance 
  • 4 Cam-activated USA patented Plastic CompositeJumbo Gripper Clasps that grip harder you pull on them and they're Airport Friendly with "No-Buzz" metal free construction
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